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Hail Damage on Roof after Hailstorm

Roofing shingles might be graded for a specific number of years by the manufacturer, but this is accurate only if no events like intense storms arise to harm the roof shingles. As a property owner, you must get routine roof assessments to keep your roof’s great form and to prevent trouble long before it begins. Along with preventing a substantial roof repair expense.

Protection and safeness are paramount! A thorough roof inspection includes identifying and evaluating the roof of either your household or commercial structure to see if it requires a significant repair service, minor repair, or a whole roof replacement. More recent roofs normally just need minor repairs and updates, whereas older roofing systems generally need more major services done or even a full replacement unit.

If we find that just a few roof shingles are damaged or missing, and/or if the roof has just minor leaks, you most likely won’t have to replace the whole roof. Fixing any issues before they become worse is a preventative procedure that can help your roof last several years longer than the warranty duration, consequently conserving you the expense of unnecessary roof repairs or pricey replacement roof installations.

Before buying a property, you must schedule a house inspection that consists of a roofing inspection so that you can factor in the needed repairs into the expense of that property. Roofing assessments can detect normal roof issues that result from weathering and getting old and if there is any roof leak repair needed. They might or may not be protected by manufacturer’s warranty.

For detailed roof inspections, contact our Cape Coral crew. We cover all of Lee County and beyond. 

Some examples of issues that can trigger leaks

Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Broken or missing roof shingles
  • Roofing shingles buckling/curling
  • Shingle granules in gutters
  • Drainage issues
  • Leakages or cracks
  • Rooftop sagging or drooping
    Vegetations or moss growth

Explanation of specific issues

An evaluation of your roof by our Cape Coral {contractors|pros|experts|professionals might reveal the following:

Damaged flashing: Roofing system flashing is needed to keep your roof from dripping any place you have a seepage coming through your roof, whether it’s a dormer, skylight, chimney, or vent pipe.

If your flashing is incorrectly installed or worn out somehow, leaks can quickly materialize.

Wet areas on ceiling Dark areas show up on your ceiling or moisture is dripping from the ceiling.

Missing Roofing shingles: If roof shingles are outdated or improperly installed, powerful winds can remove shingles.

Buckled roof shingles: Might be triggered by extreme moisture or the cover below the roof buckling. Buckled roof shingles can quickly dismantle.

Missing Granules: Asphalt dries out on more outdated roofings. This causes the granules to be uprooted. Granules secure roof shingles from sunrays.

Curving Shingles: The roof support can diminish, causing the roof to curl. This generally takes place when shingles are near their expiry date.

Needles and Fallen Leaves: Creates terrible appearance. Easy for moss and algae to burrow in and weaken roofs when needles and leave and debris are left behind there.

Algae Discoloration: If algae are left behind on the roof, their root systems can lift granules, causing the roof to deteriorate. It also develops a messy blemish.

Curving shakes: The curving of shakes is triggered by malfunctioning shakes or deteriorating shakes. Curving shakes may be freely be ejected by massive winds.

Cracking Shakes: Shakes become more vulnerable as they age due to the fact that they lose their natural oils. This causes splitting.


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