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The are a lot of misconceptions going around about metal roof coverings that can be easily debunked. For instance, they don’t increase the chance that lightning will strike your structure! On the other hand, metal guards your structure because it spreads the energy when it encounters a fire, making it pretty much fire resistant. Furthermore, metal suits all different styles of roofing systems.

Metal is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and it minimizes cooling costs. The most essential thing to know is that metal is more resilient and longer-lasting than asphalt for roofing systems. Metal roofs will not split, flake, or even welt so it is less probable to be damaged or ruined! Particularly, metal roof coverings are proven to last much longer, 2 to 3 times in reality, than roofs made from asphalt.

Quality metal roof coverings like those using a field-locked standing seam and aluminum shingles are known to last approximately 60 years! The bottom line is, metal roof coverings are a lot more long lasting than many other kinds of shingled roofing systems. Their guarantees commonly range from 25 to 50 years! Roofing systems are normally very energy-inefficient. When heated up or cooled air is lost through the roofing system, approximately 30{262df98e179cd5adb6e60ebcfa8cb4e531403f2af98304814d7fcaa768d09ce5} of your structure’s energy is lost.

Metal roofs, however are very energy-efficient because they reflect the sun’s light, reducing the quantity of heat energy penetrating inside a structure. Statistically, a reflective roofing system can in fact trim peak cooling demand by approximately 15 percent! Metallic roofing is available in a wide variety of color or textures! On top of that, metal’s color will not lose luster with ease with time like other roof products, keeping its appearance attractive for a much longer time period.

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Best advantages of metal roof installation

Metal roof systems have even have special features that make your roofing look fantastic! An example is the standing seam that makes a metal roofing system look sleek. As a perk, it will protect your structure from moisture because the seam is concealed under the roofing. Standing seam metal roofing systems can be used for both metal roofing or metal walls. They all consist of a hidden fastening metal panel system that consists of raised vertical seams and a big level area between the 2 legs.

Metallic panels can also be used as an ornamental area to a business structure. Since it is such a long lasting material, structures like barns and storage sheds utilize strong, durable metal that will protect them against outside elements such as powerful wind flow, substantial rains, and turbulent weather. On the other hand, other roof products, such as wood and natural stone, will decay steadily with time and will have to be replaced much earlier.

To provide you much more peace of mind, we layer our commercial metal with zinc. Metal is much stronger than asphalt. For instance, superior metal roofs like aluminum shingles and field-locked standing seam metal roofing systems are reported to typically live a life of approximately 60 years, which is practically three times longer than rooms made from asphalt! A metal roofing can increase your home’s market price dramatically when you compare it to many other products, therefore having a freshly installed or repaired metal roofing system can reduce your insurance premiums significantly.

Insurance companies will be a lot less likely to have to pay out insurance settlements to you because structures with metal roofs installed have been proven to sustain less damages, wear and tear, and decomposition from fires, turbulent elements, heavy wind flow and rainfall, and general wear and tear. The bottom line is, insurance companies commonly prefer structures with steel roofing. 

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